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Apply for support – APPLICATION FORM

This application form is for Specialised Equipment only.

If you are requesting Fun Days out, please email We cannot guarantee we will support all requests for fun days out, but we will try.

Before you apply for help and support from Over the Rainbow Children’s Charity, please ask yourself the following questions about the child you are applying on behalf of:

  1. Is the child for which you are requesting support aged 16 or under?
  2. Is the child living within the county of Suffolk?
  3. Is the household income/salary (not including benefits) under £35,000 gross per annum?

If you can answer YES to all of these questions, then continue below.
If you answer NO to any of the above, we are sorry that we are unable to help. Please click here to return to the main website.

Application Guidelines


The child must be 16 years old or under at time of application, a legal resident of the United Kingdom, living within the county of Suffolk and have a chronic illness or disability.

Funding is only available to families whose joint/wages/salary are less than £35,000 gross per annum (not including any benefits). The financial details required are those of the parents or guardians and any savings or assets will be taken into account. Should you not wish to disclose your financial details, funding cannot be considered.

Proof/confirmation of the child’s situation in written form from a professional body or health care professional (e.g. physiotherapist) will be required as will confirmation that the item requested is suitable for that child.

The Charity is unable to give money to a general fundraising campaign for an individual child, however the Charity may be able to purchase or fund a specific item within that campaign.

The application form must be completed truthfully and signed.

In all circumstances a visit to meet the family by one of the Charity Trustee’s will be required.

The donation must make a significant difference to the child’s life.

Specialised Equipment

The Charity does not give to other charities, trusts or organisations. All funding requests must be by application form and be on behalf of a specific child.

In exceptional circumstances 100% funding will be considered, dependant on the family’s/child’s circumstances.

Over the Rainbow Children’s Charity is responsible for the ordering of the donated item and invoices for payment to be made out to Over the Rainbow Children’s Charity are required. Over the Rainbow Children’s Charity cannot pay monies into other funds/collections and cannot in any circumstances reimburse families for money spent prior to the application being made.

Over the Rainbow Children’s Charity is unable to consider funding any piece of equipment, that has been ordered or purchased before the application has been approved.

If you have received a large sum in compensation by way of a legal claim in regards to the child’s condition, you will not be eligible for funding.

Any equipment funded by Over the Rainbow Children’s Charity must be specifically designed for a child with special needs and make a significant difference to the child’s life.

What would you like to apply for?

PLEASE NOTE: Before proceeding to the next stage of the application, please ensure that you have selected what you are applying for from the list below.

    PowerchairsSit to stand powerchairsSpecialised buggiesTherapy tricyclesSensory EquipmentSpecialised car seatsNursing BedsLifting aids to enable movementWalking AidsEducational toys which are specially designed for children with disabilities